Frequently Asked Questions

Beginner users and signing up

Yes, you can sign-up at investmates for free. No fee is charged for signing-up.

Yes, any user can sign up for InvestMates irrespective of whether they have or don’t have a demat account.

No, we don’t provide any paper trading feature as of now.

As a platform, we don’t provide any such strategies. But you can follow influencers/creators in our platform for such strategies. However, we suggest you to not follow any creator’s strategy blindly without doing your own research.


Yes, we provide a section called news in the asset part. This section includes all the news related to that particular asset. All the latest news are also updated in this section.

Yes, we do provide various information about an asset in the asset section. We provide the asset’s chart, sections, fundamentals and latest news. So, you can analyze a particular asset in our platform before you decide to invest in that particular asset. You can also follow creators/ influencers to keep a track of their views regarding an asset.

In InvestMates users, Influencers, creators mostly discuss all the asset classes in general. To name a few: stocks, commodity, MF/ETF, Real Estate, Crypto, Futures & options, Forex, Indices, bonds, insurance, bank deposit, retirement etc.

Yes, definitely. You can make use of the chat feature to directly message anybody you want. Feel free to ping your friends in InvestMates and share your thoughts!

No, you cannot buy or sell stocks in InvestMates. Our platform is more of a discussion forum rather than a trading platform. However, we collaborate with brokers and you can choose to display your portfolio in our platform, so that your friends and followers can view your portfolio.


There are basically two types of communities in InvestMates: Private and Public. You can directly join a public community by simply searching for the particular community and clicking on the join button in the community page. You will be directly added to the community. However, to join a private community the admin of the particular community might take some time to approve your request.

Communities can be both paid and free, it depends on what the creator of the community decides. While some communities are free which you may join without paying a fee, there might be some communities where you need to pay a certain amount of money to get in. Hope you explore the various wonderful communities in our platform and have a great experience. Cheers!

Firstly, as the name suggests a group is more of a close knit thing, like a group of your closest friends. You can directly add members to the group and chat in the group itself.

Whereas a community is a more broad feature. Users can directly join a community(if it is private) or admins can approve their joining request (for a private group). Generally a community has much more number of members than a group chat and many more activities can be conducted by the community moderators/admins. Try creating a group or getting in a community, it’s fun!


Yes you can monetize either by rewards or Mates Coin

Yes, we have provided a community dashboard (analytics) where you can keep track of the growth of your community. The dashboard/analytics feature also helps you to understand the demography of your community and also helps you to track other useful metrics.

NO. Our terms & conditions and privacy policy protects you from being held responsible if anybody else imitates your strategy and incurs a loss.

No, you cannot host such an event through our platform itself. But, you can surely share a link to a 3rd party platform where you want to conduct the live seminar/workshop. You can share such events’ links in your particular community or group.


Yes, you can have multiple watchlists. You can create them according to your priorities or strategies that you want. Create a watchlist today and keep track of your favourite stocks.

Your portfolio won’t be imported directly. You will have to create your portfolio manually in InvestMates. Creating a portfolio would allow you to share it with your friends and followers.

Yes, you can create multiple portfolios based on your interests and share them, display them in your profile and share them with your friends and followers.