Frequently Asked Questions

Beginner users and signing up

Yes, you can sign-up at investmates for free. No fee is charged for signing-up.

Yes, any user can sign up for InvestMates irrespective of whether they have or don’t have a demat account.

No, we don’t provide any paper trading feature as of now.

As a platform, we don’t provide any such strategies. But you can follow influencers/creators in our platform for such strategies. However, we suggest you to not follow any creator’s strategy blindly without doing your own research.

There are basically two types of communities in InvestMates: Private and Public. You can directly join a public community by simply searching for the particular community and clicking on the join button in the community page. You will be directly added to the community. However, to join a private community the admin of the particular community might take some time to approve your request.

Communities can be both paid and free, it depends on what the creator of the community decides. While some communities are free which you may join without paying a fee, there might be some communities where you need to pay a certain amount of money to get in. Hope you explore the various wonderful communities in our platform and have a great experience. Cheers!

Firstly, as the name suggests a group is more of a close knit thing, like a group of your closest friends. You can directly add members to the group and chat in the group itself.

Whereas a community is a more broad feature. Users can directly join a community(if it is private) or admins can approve their joining request (for a private group). Generally a community has much more number of members than a group chat and many more activities can be conducted by the community moderators/admins. Try creating a group or getting in a community, it’s fun!


Yes you can monetize either by rewards or Mates Coin

Yes, we have provided a community dashboard (analytics) where you can keep track of the growth of your community. The dashboard/analytics feature also helps you to understand the demography of your community and also helps you to track other useful metrics.

NO. Our terms & conditions and privacy policy protects you from being held responsible if anybody else imitates your strategy and incurs a loss.

No, you cannot host such an event through our platform itself. But, you can surely share a link to a 3rd party platform where you want to conduct the live seminar/workshop. You can share such events’ links in your particular community or group.

Portfolio allows you to integrate your financial holdings in a single place. You can import holdings(stocks, mutual funds, crypto etc.), create custom portfolios, track, monitor and analyse the portfolio.

NOTE: Currently you can only import your stocks. Importing Mutual Funds, Crypto etc. is coming soon.

Import your holdings like stocks, crypto, mutual funds etc. by importing them from your investment platforms. You can import Portfolio by following the given path: Login to our app>> Portfolio>> Import Portfolio>>Stocks>> Connect to your broker accounts>>Brokers.

We store the stock symbol and the quantity in a highly secured encrypted format, we don’t store the price or values of your portfolio.

Once you have connected to your broker accounts, you can track all your holdings on the Brokers tab.The net invested amount, the current value as well as the overall gain/loss % is shown in this section.You can create multiple custom portfolios to - track/monitor, move/delete as per your interests.You can also disconnect the brokers at a single click using the Disconnect option.

A custom portfolio provides you the option to create your own portfolios by grouping the stocks to analyse and manage it better

You can create your own custom portfolio through the ‘+’ button on Custom Portfolios tab>> name your custom portfolio>> add the assets from the available assets page>> Click on Done.You can also move the assets from one custom portfolio to another.You can also delete the assets/custom portfolio.

NOTE: On delete of custom portfolio/assets in them will not delete them from your connected broker.You can re-add the asset from the connected brokers as per your interests.

This feature is available absolutely free of cost and allows you to create many custom portfolios to track and monitor your holdings

Yes, you can make your custom portfolios visible to your friends and followers.By default your portfolio is hidden/private.

To enable it to others: Go to my profile>> Click on Portfolio>> Enable the Settings for the portfolio to be visible to others.

The portfolio represents only your custom portfolios, which shows the Stock name and its allocation percentage of your current investments. We don’t share the values or quantity you hold.

Simply go to the rewards dashboard and click on the redeem option for your earned coins.

You need 100% complete your profile like updating your profile, becoming a verified user & connecting your portfolio before you can redeem your Mates coins.

You need to earn a minimum of 200 Mates coins to redeem. There is no maximum limit, you can redeem as much as you can. If you are a first-time signup user you can redeem your first 100 coins within 5 days of joining. For other instances, you need to earn at least 200 coins to redeem it.

You can redeem up to 4 times every month.

If you join from someone’s invite referral link you’ll earn 100 coins as a signup reward. The referrer earns 80 coins & referee earns 100 coins for each invite link.

There is no expiry for Mates Coins. You can redeem it whenever you want to.

One Mates coin is equivalent to 0.50 paisa INR.

Locked Coins are dependent on contests, with respect to the contests the tenure of the lock-in period for coins won can be different. Please read the terms and conditions of every contest to understand how locked coins or a particular contest gets unlocked and becomes redeemable.

Locked coins are the coins you win for being a trending investor or community, winning any contest on the app, or any other such campaign that offers winnings to you on the app. Locked coins have different redemption conditions than normal coins. However, this doesn’t apply to referral coins and signup rewards earned through referral campaigns. Such coins will be deemed as normal coins for redeeming basis.